Ido Rosen (עידו רוזן)


I earned a dual B.S. in Computer Science and B.A. in Biology/Neuroscience at the University of Chicago. I earned an M.S. in Computer Science/Machine Learning at Columbia University. My academic research interests are in machine learning, computational neuroscience, and distributed systems.

My career spans finance, telecommunications, and academia. In the finance industry, I’ve worked as a portfolio manager, quantitative researcher, and a software engineer/architect. In the telco industry, I’ve designed, licensed, and managed low latency microwave and millimeter wave networks. In academia, I’ve worked on research in computational neuroscience at Argonne National Lab, computational and solid state physics at Caltech/NASA JPL, and machine learning at Columbia University.

All of these roles called for a mix of mathematical maturity, programming ability, statistical prowess, specific domain knowledge, and most importantly: working with (or hiring) people smarter than I am.

I’m constantly learning.


Email is usually the best way to reach me:

me (at) idorosen (dot) com

My PGP key fingerprint is:

F353 09F4 93E8 F6D3 3973  5A70 A669 D000 2389 BB21