Ido Rosen (עידו רוזן)


I’m interested in machine learning, computational neuroscience, software development, and occasional kernel hacking.

You’ll find some useful links and how to get in touch with me here. This site is a temporary placeholder. In the meantime, hopefully this is sufficiently useful of a placeholder.


You can reach me by email or telephone.


Email is usually the best way to reach me:

me (at) idorosen (dot) com


If you haven’t received a response within 24 hours, please resend your message as I probably haven’t received it. If you don’t hear from me within 72 hours, you can try the Telephone.


You may call me if you have my number. In case you have lost my telephone number, you can email me your number, or if you’d like to talk now, just enter it below (after clicking the “Call Me” button) and Google Voice will connect us:


You should see a Google Voice “Call Me” button between this message and the previous paragraph.


You can reach me via XMPP, or online here:


If you’d like to tell me a secret, you can use my PGP key. It’s available on MIT’s keyserver and many other places.

My full PGP key fingerprint is:

BDBC A77F E526 E686 D03D  1B3D 9A14 2C02 45C0 24FD

(You should verify the above fingerprint with me before using it.)